Trapdoor Social latest project took them and Mexican filmmaker Alexandra Velasco to North Dakota to support the Standing Rock water protectors at Oceti Sakowin camp… [Read more]

Stage 5 | Interview with “First of the Free Girls” Dir. Alexandra Velasco | NFMLA [Watch here]

Alexandra se ha desarrollado como artista visual en distintos formatos y lenguajes, desde video y collage hasta líneas de ropa, siempre abordando temas de sexualidad, feminismo y cultura pop… [Read more]

I’m interested in breaking the sexualization of the female figure through my art, especially right now… [Read more]

Acompañando a la rola viene un video medio lo-fi dirigido por la cineasta Alexandra Velasco… [Read more]

The video by Alexandra Velasco and Camila Sadarriaga is a 70s home video ode to her time in Cali, grainy 16mm footage of beaches and all… [Read more]

Animator Isam Prado, designer Mike Gallegos, filmmaker Jessica Toscano, visual artist Alexandra Velasco and comedian Mattio Martinez created images, memes and videos that highlighted the best qualities of Mexican culture and people… [Read more]

In the Dark of Paradise by Alexandra Velasco [Watch here]

Artiste polymorphe et performeuse atypique, Alexandra Velasco jongle avec les images comme le peintre joue avec les couleurs… [Read more]