La Primera de las Mujeres Libres // The First of the Free Girls (Fashion Film)

When a girl gets her period for the first time she embarks in a thought quest in order to figure out who she really wants to become. Her mother tells her some things, but her heart tells her to go the opposite direction.

Directed and written by Alexandra Velasco and Alexander Kahan
Director of Photography - Matias Penachino
Producer - Juan Sarquis
Producer - Ornella Cremasco
Production Designer - Manuel Gonzalez Silvestre
Editor - Branko Gomez-Palacio
Styling - Nayeli de Alba
Music - Emilio Bassail
1 AD - Santiago Maza
Sound Recording - Enrique Dominguez
Starring Lorena Okhuysen and Martha Gonzalez

Awarded Best Narrative Short at Women's Voices Now 2018, Jury Selection at the 2016 Les Femmes Underground Film Festival and Best Cinematography at the 2016 Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival. Nominated for Best Comedic Short at the 2017 Best of Awards - New Filmmakers Los Angeles. In addition Alexandra and Alexander were nominated for Best New Artist at the renowned Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

The Choices We Make

A story about Election Night 2016 and how a couple overcomes their internal struggle to band together and vow to fight for a better world.

A film by Alexandra Velasco // Starring: Karla Solarte + Mitch Levene // Director of Photography: Brennan Full // With Sky Funk, Ana Velasco + Hannah Olsen-Mansoor // Executive Producer: Craig Boydston // Sound Mixer: Brandon Sequeira // Set Decorator: Hannah Olsen-Mansoor // Assistant Director: Maricris Saker // Assistant Camera: Ilgin Güney Korugan // Music: HBDM by Trapdoor Social